The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Winter Social & Digital Graphics

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The following graphics were created for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s social media accounts for the holiday season. All graphics were designed and animated by myself, unless otherwise noted, in coordination with the overall campaign.

It’s National Bagel day! Who doesn’t love a buttery, toasted circular bread for breakfast? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf customers sure do!

A quote from MLK as a reminder for us to do the things we can, large and small, for Black liberation.

A photo celebrating love for Valentine’s Day. Selected from a previous shoot and pitched for this campaign.

Chinese green tea leaves rolled together into a large tight pearl then scented seven times with the fragrance of Jasmine flowers as night falls, creating our Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl Tea🍵

Our Lightened Mocha Ice Blended drink blends delicious espresso roast coffee, a half portion of Special Dutch Chocolate and nonfat milk with our signature pebble ice for a guilt free afternoon treat.

Slightly sweet. Honestly good. Our Lightened Mango Cold Brew Tea combines cold brewed Scottish Breakfast tea with a touch of mango puree for a tropical, refreshing treat. 🥭️

Lightened Matcha Iced Tea Latte. this super refreshing drink will provide that much needed afternoon energy boost to get you through the 3pm slump.

Customize all of your favorites to be a touch less sweet. Choose the Lightened modification for fan favorites Mango Cold Brew Tea, Mocha Ice Blended drink, Matcha Iced Latte, and Vanilla Latte.

Toasted tastes better. Get your day started with a Bacon Egg & Cheese English Muffin and your favorite beverage.

Toasted tastes better. Get your day started with a Chorizo Breakfast Burrito and your favorite beverage.

Toasted tastes better. Get your day started with a Beyond Breakfast Sausage® Sandwich and your favorite beverage.


Bacon and Chorizo and Beyond Breakfast Sausage®. Oh, my! Click your heels three times and which breakfast item shows up on your plate?

Wake up to a delicious oven toasted breakfast item and your favorite coffee or tea. Now toasting all your favorite menu items. (Slide 1 of 2)

(Slide 2 of 2)

Ice Latte + Toasted Butter Croissant 💕

Buttery, flaky croissant fresh out of the oven. Pair with your favorite beverage and oo la la, c’est magnifique. 🥐

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