The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Fall Social Graphics

For Coffee Bean fans, Pumpkin drinks are seen as one of the first signs of fall, so I wanted this piece to feel like both a reveal and a celebration.

We arranged real leaves on a white plane and carefully moved them by hand to create the effect of the leaves dispersing. Then we shot the drink on a backdrop separately. I then composited them together and added the animated copy.

Being one of the only designs introducing Coffee Bean’s new Pumpkin donut, I wanted this to be a fun and playful video that would stimulate the viewer’s appetite.

We hand animated the donut rolling in and being bitten into. I then cleaned up and compiled the shots into a stop motion video, adding and animating the text & logo in post.

Coffee Bean wanted to reenforce the idea of buying coffee as a form of self-care.

This breathing visualizer guides viewers to mindfully breathe in time with the blooming animation, center themselves in the process.

The animation is made of speculoos cookies, teasing the main ingredient of Coffee Bean’s latest Ice Blended Drink.

Grand Opening Countdown

To announce a new store’s opening, each of these graphics were posted consecutively to that local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s social media accounts, leading up to the grand opening. Each Illustration features a slightly hidden number, indicating the number of days left. Graphics are a combination of mostly original illustrations, some previous assets, and minor stock imagery.

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